As NO MORE unfortunately can't make the date on 13.04. at Kulturbunker Stuttgart, we'll be standing in for them at short notice. And we're already looking forward to support PSYCHE!

Thank you!

Best wishes and many, many thanks to everyone who celebrated the "Alibis" birthday parties with us in 2023 and to all those who gave us the opportunity to bring them to the stages!
We've had an incredible amount of fun and of course we hope that this won't be the final end! So hopefully we'll see you again soon.

(photo by Claudia Brodowski)

As Nicole is unfortunately unable to come to Barcelona for personal reasons, Holger Diener from I-M-R will be supporting us on stage at the Ombra Festival.

(photo by Ralf Oh)

There is an interview with us in the Spanish magazine "El Garaje De Frank".

There is an interview with us in the current issue of the German ORKUS magazine.

Now it's getting serious... Hello rehearsal room!

For birthday reasons we are planning to release a CD reissue of "Alibis". And for the concerts ;)

In the future we will work together with the booking agency Batprom - which is already a great pleasure for us!

Nicole and Kai support Ralf again in the upcoming I-M-R album "25.20.15."!
While Nicole is guest singer on the track "A Place Like This", Kai plays bass on the track "Alone".

Within the next weeks Syborgmusic will release the remaining 5 session tracks of T-HE as a digital EP!

The 15th of May will see the release of the "Cookbook for dark desires", which also includes three of our favourite recipes.

"In Need" is part of the "La Danse Macabre 2" compilation ... download page

You can read some things about us in the upcoming issue of the German ORKUS magazine.
And... can download our "songbook" from our startpage...

Here is a nice interview (in German), published in the "bodystyler" magazine:

Philipp Schulze has created a very nice video for "In Need"... Nightly impressions of his hometown London... fits... :)
Thanks a lot!!!!

Fanfare: Finally... "In Flux" is officially available!!

We are proud to announce that the Spanish label ORÁCULO RECORDS will release a limited vinyl EP at the end of November!
The tracklist is: Snow Girl - A Notion of Light - The Second Curtain - Detach - (Komarov) - G.T. - Sleeping.
You can listen to some previews at
The pre-order shall start next week, so keep an eye on

Odd footnote, part 2: due to a misunderstanding, our guest did not come with an acoustic guitar, but with a saxophone! Which means that the song now contains an unexpected sax solo... :o

Tomorrow our last guest (odd footnote: it is Ralf's dentist...) will record his part. And then (finally) the last song will be finished!

Under the moniker of their former school project T-HE, Ralf and Kai will put out three results of their occasional sessions from 2015 as a 3-track mp3 download single called "Believe"...
amazon, itunes, junodownload, 7digital!

Potentially the Spanish label ORÁCULO RECORDS will release a vinyl EP with seven songs out of our archive this year. The preliminary album title is "A Handful of Memories" and the songs will be picked by the label - which could become quite exciting ;)

The live version of "Albis" from 2002 is part of the "Indie Guitars, Vol. 1" compilation.

Our studio demo "One More Time" from 1998 is part of the "Messages Beyond Dark Dreams 2" compilation of the Russian label "Darkpage".

Just a short note, because it seems to become serious: the pre-production of 12 new songs has begun and yesterday Kai recorded some bass lines to five of them. And we hope that the first vocal recordings will start in the second week of December... provided that Ralf is able to finish the lyrics... ;)

12 demo songs are recorded. Now we have to find an available date to meet - which is always the most difficult part ;)

"Lift Me Up" is out now and can be downloaded at (almost) every known on-line shop!

"Alibis" opens the vinyl sampler "Distant Waves", released by the Spanish label Dead Wax Records...

Photo Session...

A nice finding from Brazil :) SCARLET LEAVES playing "Just Like You"...>

"12h50", the result of the very first T-HE session, is featured on the free download compilation "Stairways".
You can download it here:

T-HE is the reactivated project between Ralf and Kai. Founded during their school days, they now decided to do it again. Just for fun... :)

Yesterday we met to talk about a possible "reanimation". And yes: it looks like we are all quite excited of this idea ;)
The thought: we will do (call it a warming up...) cover versions of three songs. If everything goes well it shall end in an EP, enriched by some live tracks.

Yesterday we did a short, short concert as a birthday present. Nervous? Of course - but nevertheless... that we still could play the songs... quite strange...

"Letters from the Paper Garden" is out now!
The track we did together is called "Poisoned Eyes" and it really sounds a bit like "the old" Derrière Le Miroir... ;)

For the upcoming I-M-R album "Letters from the Paper Garden" we have recorded a song together since more than ten years!